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Quit Smoking | Is Nicotine Addiction Real?

I found this interested article and I want to share it with my audience. Also read my comment below after you had read the entire article.

Here is the article:

"I'm a person who walked away from smoking forever about eight months ago and now I can't help but ask this question. I realize that everyone on the television, radio, and internet claims that nicotine is addictive, but is this really true or are they simply trying to get you to buy into the hype so they can get your money? I have to tell you, as a person who smoked for fifteen years and walked away without the aid of any gum, patches, pills, or anything else, I have to tell you that I honestly believe it's all hype!

Really, if it were true and there are actually withdrawals and the like associated with quitting smoking, wouldn't I have experienced some of them? Were there times I wanted a cigarette? Of course, but my conclusion is that it was because I was used to sticking cancer sticks into my pie hole for fifteen years, not because I was addicted to anything. I was just used to smoking. I mean anything that you engage in for 15 years is bound to feel like "normal", right?

The conclusion that I came to is that I wasn't actually addicted to anything and that it was all hype. So I decided not to buy into the hype any longer. Anytime I heard about being addicted or how hard quitting smoking was going to be, I simply said to myself, "I don't believe that, it's going to bee easy to stop." I did this while I was still smoking. When I was by myself smoking, I would look at the cigarette and say the same basic thing directly to the cigarette.

And do you know what. Within a couple of months of doing that, I went in my pack to grab a smoke only to find out that it was my last one. I looked at that cigarette and said, "this is it, I'm done." I proceeded to smoke that cigarette and haven't touched one since that day.

It was literally as simple as that. I've realized that quitting smoking is what you think about quitting and not about being addicted to nicotine. You're addicted to nicotine if you believe that you're addicted to nicotine. It's as simple as that, and if you buy into the hype, you'll believe that you're addicted to nicotine. I'm simply telling you that you're not really addicted to anything you just think you are. You can do exactly what I did and be free of cigarettes and nicotine forever. Unless of course you believe that you can't."

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End of article.

I want to congratulate the author of the-above article and I wish him long-term success in quitting smoking, using the cold-turkey method. Even though the 8-month smoking-free period is too short to predict long-term success, it is still better than those who can not quit at all. Many of my patients had tried this method but only a very had long-term success.

It is proved that nicotine addiction is real. See my previous post at

The author above is right in being skeptic about the tv., radio and internet claims. My best advice to any one is to consult your personal healthcare provider who has special interest in combating nicotine addiction before jumping into buying into any program of quit-smoking aids. of which hypnosis is one.

This is my 3rd consecutive posts about nicotine addiction. I have been writing Chantix for about at least 2 months now. So far there is one patient on the maintenance pack of Chantix. Two or three patients did not fill the first-month prescription due to various reasons, of which the most common is "I am not ready" Surprisingly, cost is not the mail reason.

Hypnosis is becoming mainstream. The Health System to which I belong is advertising about applying hypnosis as an adjunct in treatment of nicotine addiction and obesity. I will look into hypnosis soon.

Suthin Liptawat,M.D.

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